Thursday, 6 June 2013

M.A.C.S Super Nintendo Game Cartridge for US Army training (SNES)

Ultra rare M.A.C.S Multipurpose Arcade Combat Simulator version 1.1e. 
 There is believed to be less than 600 ever produced with fewer copies that ever made into civilian hands. The Multi-Purpose Arcade Combat Simulator (M.A.C.S.). The M.A.C.S. were designed by the Military to train soldiers in bootcamp back in 1993. 
The gun was designed to look and feel like a real M16 and only worked with a specially designed game cartridge. Players would have to be about seven feet back from the T.V. for the game to actually work too. 
There is no copyright info on the game, so no one knows who made it. As for the game itself, it consists of nine levels and aims to help a soldier with their postioning, aiming, and breathing skills.

(Photo of rare SNES M16 gun) 


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